Puerto del Rosario

Situated nearby the airport, Puerto del Rosario is the capital of the island. There are over eighteen thousand residents here. The area was formally known as “Puerto de Cabras” however due to its port location, it took on more importance and replaced La Oliva as the capital.

Its not really an area for tourists with a more industrial feel to the place. There is a well known church called Virgin del Rosario which sits in the centre of the town. A big draw to Puerto del Rosario is the Las Rotundas’ shopping centre which often entices people away from the beaches and bars to do a little shopping.


Recent work on the area has made it a little more desirable for visitors with quite a bit of work being done on the main st as well as the promenade. Its quite pleasant to take a walk along the harbour and get a feel for the area. The culture centre is also worth a look where you may catch a concert or art opening.